Please visit our NEW Patient Portal, (  Secure and available for your use 24/7, to update your new or updated insurance information or for appointments inquiry.  If you would like to communicate with our office regardng medical concerns please call the office during normal office hours. 

The patient Portal is informational purpose only like viewing your medication list, laboratory results, update emergency contacts numbers, even update a better pharmacy.  During normal business hours you can  contact the office by the use of the secure Patient Portal or telephone at  (727) 526- 9019.    During normal business hours non medical messages will be reviewed  by our Staff and are not a means for Medical Treatment this will always require a face to face with your Physician.  The Patient Portal  is (Informational only)  available to you 24/7  from the comfort of your home!  Consequently, if you have a Medical  Emergency you should always contact your local Emergency Room as soon as possible and then afterwards contact you medical provider.